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Join the growing online global practice community. Meditations can be found on Joshua's Insight Timer Page online or on the Insight Timer App.


Take a class and learn the basics of Mindfulness, refresh your practice, and have the opportunity to connect with others in the community. Classes are weekly and offered as a series at different times of the year.


Workshops cover a specific aspect of Mindfulness practice geared towards a specific demographic. Workshops are offered at schools, in businesses, at the hospital and can be provided for groups upon request.

Usually a workshop is from 1.5-3 hours.


Retreats are a wonderful way to delve deeply into the Mindfulness experience. Retreats can cater to a diverse demographic or tailored to a certain group. Retreats can span one day, a weekend, or a full week.

For more information, visit the Teaching Schedule and True Nature Travel Page.

Private sessions

Private sessions are a great opportunity to explore Mindfulness in a one-on-one environment. Sessions are customized and based on need of the client. To request a session and to learn more Contact Us.


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