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"Mindfulness Now" the CD is a compilation of diverse meditations from different traditions. The CD is produced and narrated by Joshua Canter accompanied by several internationally renowned musicians who create a soothing, delicate, and dynamic soundscape which makes up "Mindfulness Now" the CD.

A Message from Joshua:
These meditations I offer as gifts from my heart to yours. It is my intention and hope that they support you in embracing the moment and your life more deeply.  These meditations can be received like the wind, the rain, or a flowing river.  Allow them to simply move through you, guiding you naturally.  One meditation might resonate/connect with you more than another. Follow your guidance and allow the practice to support you exactly where you are. In the end, the goal of these meditations is that they help enhance and inspire your moment-to-moment life, and eventually, a graceful death.

Enjoy your practice. Enjoy the moment.

"Mindfulness Now" Track List:​

1) Mindfulness Now

2) Breathing in Breathing Out
(Meditation Inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh)

3) Body Scan

4) Phowa

5) Om Mani Padme Hum Musical Mantra Meditation

6) Metta

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